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Fishing for Tench on Gravel Pits – Tench Fishing

Fishing for Tench

Fishing for Tench on Gravel Pits Tench fishing on gravel pits is quite different from the tactics of estate lakes. Tench from a gravel pit in spring are a very popular species, inhabiting many of our still-waters and slower flowing rivers. In recent years the average size of tench has exploded with the specimens turning heads …

Fishing for Tench – Tench Fishing Tackle, Baits and Tactics

Tench fishing - Fishing for tench

Fishing for Tench The Tench (Doctor fish) is a very stocky fish with a muscular body and large rounded paddle-like fins, Tench have a scaleless head with a distinctive orange teddy bear looking eye. The scales of a Tench will be small and have a very smooth feel to them due the protective film coating …