Jeremy wade’s Dark Waters, Episode 7, Season 1- Jurassic River Beast

Jeremy wade's dark waters episode 7Episode Summary:

Tasmania is home to species found nowhere else on earth, including a colossal freshwater beast capable of breaking a person’s arm. Jeremy Wade will venture into the island’s dense, eerie forests in search of this formidable creature.

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Watch episode 7 in HD below!

None of the videos are hosted on this website, only found on other sites and shared here.

dark waters episode 7


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  • Why did this guy let the European Carp go back into the river. As a so called expert on fishing he should have known that they are considered as vermin in Australia as they are taking over the water ways and native species. His actions are a disgrace and an insult to the Australian ecology. Kick him out of Australia he does not earn the right to destroy our water ways with his ignorance what a wanker.

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