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General Bait For Tench Fishing

Here’s a list of suitable Tench baits that are ideal for catching Tench.


Bread is a versatile fishing bait to use for Catching Tench and can be presented in many different ways on the hook. I always use fresh bread for hook baits as it does bind around the hook better, tending to stay in place longer. I tend to use medium sliced White bread for my Tench fishing generally out of sheer laziness because it’s always in my kitchen cupboard. When the Tench are feeding and bubbling away in my fishing swim but the bites are lacking, Bread flake has been my campaign on many occasions.


Maggots have got to be one of the most readily taken hook baits you could possibly use for fishing, let alone Tench Fishing. However Maggots also have their drawback, silverfish and Bream will also strip your swim like a plague of locust give half a chance, leaving little for the late arriving Tench. Maggots come in several verities and in many various colors, just a changing the color or the presentation of the hooked maggots can work wonders for inducing bites from Tench.


Sweetcorn and Tench fishing go hand in hand, no angler should be without a tin of this stuff in his fishing bag. This versatile bait can not only be used as hook bait but also as very good loose feed attractor keeping the Tench occupied and revisiting your swim for ages.

However, as good the baits are, Using Sweetcorn can have a negative side! Use too much and it can kill a fishing swim as fast as you say, hmm “where did the fish go it’s all gone very quiet”. Sweetcorn has another major drawback, silver-like Rudd, Roach, and Bream not forgetting Carp big or small also have a liking for it. Even with these couple of drawback Sweetcorn is a fantastic fishing bait for Tench and now come in many different flavors readily on the shelf in most tackle shops. More on fishing with Sweetcorn.


Tench just love a Worm, worms can be a real killer bait to get the Tench feeding hard and fast. Chopped worm as a loose feed or mixed in with Ground bait is really good, chopped worn quick releases the flavor instantly driving the Tench into a feeding frenzy at times. However, if your fishing a water-containing Eels then look out as you can end with a nightmare of eel after eel. Worms are also readily taken by Silverfish; Perch, Bream, and Carp even Jack pike will take this bait. Try stalking Tench with a light rig and a single Worm on the Hook.


There are two main types of Boilies, frozen or shelf life’s, each type being made up of different base mixes, additives and flavors, allowing every Boilie manufacturer to claim there Boilies are the best to use! With so many different flavors, sizes and shapes it’s become a mind game. Strawberry or B5 shelf life Boilies are probably the most readily available and have accounted for many many Tench to be caught over the years. Boilies tend to be used whole on a hair rig, however, they do lend themselves to being or chopped, smashed, crushed, sliced and diced for hook baits or used as loose feed offerings. I have caught many good Tench with a slice of Boilies straight on the hook, one split in half and placed back to back on a Hair rig.


Paste fishing for Tench can also have many ups and downs regarding catches and leaving for home with a blank. Fishing Paste is a mixture of different ingredients that in effect resemble a Boilie mix before it’s rolled and boiled. There’s a couple of advantages for using Paste as a fishing bait, it can be molded to suit the situation or method i.e. wrapped around a cork ball to produce a popup, plus due to the nature of paste, it tends to leak flavor faster. In many ways it’s more versatile than the Boilie; unfortunately nowhere near as durable. While we used to make our own Paste baits like Cheese or Strawberry flavored, small pots of fishing Paste are now readily available within most good fishing tackle shops and it comes in many different flavors.


Pellets have been around for age’s primary as trout pellets used by fish farms to obtain good growth rates to their fish stocks; as usual, it didn’t take long for this type of bait to be used by angles. Pellet in the past was generally used as a loose feed, or give a splash of hot water to make a very effective Trout pellet paste. As a switch on Angler, I spent ages drilling small holes through them allowing me to place them on a hair rig. These days pellets come in just about every size, shape and flavor along with a vast array of different colors. The latest fishing Pellet trend is the soft hook able pellets that ooze oils and flavor and can be placed directly on the hook, saving time drilling holes for hair rigs.

Ground Bait

Ground bait and lose feed attractors covers so many areas from commercial made Ground bait products to lose feed like pellets, seed, nuts liquidized hook baits like sweet corn. Many Tench angles make and swear by their own homemade brand of secret Ground bait that has been tuned over the years to meet their fishing needs. Commercial Ground baits you buy from the Tackle shops are primary bread based with a multitude of different seed or food particles thrown in for good measure. Ground bait also comes in many various colors from white, red and even Green and Black. Don’t be put off using Green or Black Ground bait it works and works very well, loads of bright colored fishing baits will spook fish it’s the same with Ground bait!

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