Fishing For Pike – Pike Fishing Baits, Tips and Tackle

Fishing for pike

Pike fishing is the activity of catching the pike fish. It is typically a sport fishing activity.
The Pike fish is a carnivorous fish that are found in brackish and fresh waters throughout the northern half of the United States. They are typically large in size and can easily reach forty pounds in the United States and are much larger in other regions of the world. They are not very particular about their environment and can live in lakes and streams amongst weeds or under rocks. They are predators and lie in wait for their prey. They are sight hunters and are dependent on cover to hunt successfully.

Pike fishing is a favored sports fishing activity because the Pike usually provide quite the fight. They are aggressive and provide the Pike fisherman with a fight. They are challenging to fish, typically they are thrown back into the water. Their flesh is a bit bony and not favored as food. Although Pike has a long history as a favored cuisine in Europe.

Fishing for Pike does require some specialized tackle. Wire traces are one of those absolutes that are required for this type of fishing. Pike bite through fishing line. The main line should be at least fifteen pounds or more and the trace wire should be at least thirty pounds or more. Hooks should be treble or double. The rods should have a test curve of two and a half pound at the least. Also required for pike fishing is a net. The net should be about thirty inches round or have thirty-six-inch arms if it is a triangle shaped net.

This kind of fishing can be done with any three types of bait. Live bait usually any small fish will do and since this is the food of the Pike it will work out well as bait. A good rule of thumb when using live bait is to not use fish that are bigger than eight inches and always use fish that are native to the area that the Pike fishing takes place to avoid introducing a new species into the water. Dead bait is another option Pike favor mackerel, eel, and smelts. Lures are the third type of bait that can be used. Lures come in an array of types, colors and sizes.

Pike fishing is a challenging activity and the fisherman needs to be sure to pay attention Pike have rows of very sharp teeth and will bite during the fight. Most catch and release activities will require long enough forceps to remove the hook without coming in close contact with the Pike or a finger or two might be in jeopardy.

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