Fishing for Carp- Carp Fishing Gear – Getting to the Basics


Carp Fishing Gear-Getting to the Basics

Since developing an interest in carp fishing there are some facts that might save some money in the future. Fishing for Carp is already popular in Europe, but not so in the United States. Therefore buying quality gear in the states might be more challenging than in the UK. There are many companies producing fishing equipment specifically designed for carp fishing these days. So with the aid of the internet and due diligence in comparing gear one should be able to match their finances to the quality of fishing equipment it takes to get many years of enjoyment as a carp fisher.

Fishing for any species means having to withstand all the elements mother nature has. That means having an assortment of good quality carp fishing equipment along with clothing to match the different weather conditions. Also, things like waterproof bags are not a bad idea either. While the tackle box may be keeping the tackle dry, it might be wise to keep the lunch, snack items, and extra clothing dry.

Looking at carp fishing, in general, can be quite confusing. But by breaking it down into categories things are not so complicated because each category is just a small amount of information. Not everything will be covered here. We can begin with these categories.

Carp Fishing rods

The fishing rod is probably a good starting point. What kind of rod depends largely on the fish being sought after. Those large trophy size carp in Europe will require a much more stout rod than if just fishing for 5-10 pound grass carp. One also needs to consider whether the carp fishing will be done in a traditional way or with a pod. Some carp anglers use an adjustable rack known as a pod which can hold three rods to be fished at the same time. The more serious anglers will even have thousands of dollars invested in their gear.

It is not necessary to invest that much money to be able to start enjoying carp fishing. Try to find a medium action six foot or longer rod to start with. This will land the carp while still being able to enjoy the feel of the fight from catching smaller fish. The main thing to keep in mind is to purchase a rod that will withstand repeated stress. Nothings is worse than having a broken fishing rod after only a couple months of use.

Fishing Line

This is the direct contact between the angler and the carp. It is also more than likely the weakest point. It has been said that a good rule of thumb is to multiply the test curve of the rod by five. So if a rod had a test curve of two the best fit would be ten-pound test. This is only a guideline. Making sure to have a strong enough line to prevent break-offs will help keep the carp from undo harm and the loss of fishing gear.

Carp Fishing Reels

The rod is going to need a reel. It would be easy to spend a lot of money on a good reel and then have no money for any other fishing equipment. Thankfully part of the enjoyment of fishing is shopping for carp fishing gear. The reel can always be upgraded later. It really is best to purchase the reel at the same time as purchasing the rod. Here is why. The reel can be mounted to the rod and the angler will know if the combination is comfortable or not. Other things to factor in are the diameter of the fishing line that will be spooled and the amount of line the reel will hold. Make sure there is enough line for long casts or the long runs the big carp will take before they are landed.

Fishing Chair

While sitting on the shore or bank may be suitable to some, others might prefer a chair to lounge in while waiting for a strike. Folding lawn chairs are good options. Some even have carrying bags with shoulder straps so making it quite simple to transport them to the fishing hole.

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