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River Monsters S09E06, Malaysian Lake Monster | Full Episode HD

episode 6

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters Season 9 Episode 6 After two men vanish from a remote lake in Malaysia, Jeremy sets out to find the possible culprit; a trail of evidence leads Jeremy into an ancient rainforest, where an old adversary lies in wait.

River Monsters S09E05 Volcanic Island Terror Full Episode HD

episode 5

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters Season 9 Episode 5 On a volcanic island in the Pacific, terror grips a fishing community when something in the water leaves a trail of bloody victims in its wake; the only clues they have to the attacker’s identity are the large puncture wounds it left behind.

River Monsters S09E04, Return of the Killer Catfish | Full Episode HD

episode 4

Jeremy wades River Monsters Season 9 Episode 4 Jeremy Wade investigates a case in Nepal that sounds strangely familiar — a lone fisherman dragged off his feet and into a mountain river by the original river monster, the goonch catfish.

River Monsters S09E03, Coral Reef Killer | Full Episode HD

Episode 3

Jeremy Wades River Monsters Season 9 Episode 3 On the tropical island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, a tourist snorkeler and several local fishermen have been killed and injured by a mysterious sea creature that impales its victims; Wade travels to the scene to investigate.  

River Monsters S09E02 Ice Cold Killer | Full Episode HD

episode 2

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters Season 9 Episode 2 Traveling from London to Greenland and on to Norway, Wade follows the trail of an unknown sea monster; fishing through ice to extreme depths, he attempts to reel in this monster before the full fury of an Arctic storm hits.

River Monsters S09E01 Killers From the Abyss | Full Episode

episode 1

River monsters season 9 episode 1. Full episode in HD Wade takes on the biggest investigation of his career — to unravel what happened to over 1,000 passengers of the RMS Laconia, torpedoed in the mid-Atlantic; he travels the globe, battling giant fish, massive sharks and a deep-sea monster.