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Different Natural Sea Fishing Bait

The sea angler has a wealth of sea fishing bait at his or her disposal and is blessed with many free offerings from the seashore. From ragworm to razorfish, a good angler will never be short of tie right bait for the species sought. Modern-day tackle shops offer a wide variety of commercially produced blast-frozen baits, which will be totally fresh. The bigger shops, in particular, will have a good weekly trade in freshly dug live worms and regular supplies of tie much-prized peeler crab.

You can also buy fresh sea fishing bait straight from the fish markets as the daily catch is landed. Even the local fishmonger’s shop might have what you are looking for. Bait often plays second fiddle to quality tackle, but a fresh bait in educated hands will out-fish an expensive fishing rod and poor quality bait. There is no excuse for presenting a poor quality bait, especially if you are able to collect or dig your own. If you are lucky enough to be in a position to do this, and you can combine quality bait with good angling skills, the rewards can be high.

Sea Fishing Bait – Fishing with Sandeels and Razorfish

Sandeels for sea fishing bait

Using Sandeels as Sea Fishing Bait Sandeels are a terrific all-around sea fishing bait and can be used alive or frozen. If you live in the south-west of Britain you may have seen them caught in large seine nets from the local beaches. It is best to get live Sandeels, species such as bass, pollack, …

Sea Fishing Bait – Natural Baits – Fishing with Lugworms


The Best Natural Sea Fishing Baits To Use Lugworms The yellowtail lugworm is highly favored by sea anglers as it is a natural sea fishing bait. The name yellowtail derives from the fact that once handled, the worm emits a yellow iodine liquid, which will stain the angler’s hand. The black lugworm is so named …

Sea Fishing Bait – Natural Baits – Fishing With Mackerel

Mackerel Fishing

Different Sea Fishing baits to use Mackerel is widely available to the angler and is a top sea fishing bait for a variety of species. They can be caught on feathers, purchased frozen from the tackle shop, or bought fresh from the fishmonger’s shop. There are many methods of presenting mackerel on the hook, as …

Sea Fishing Bait – Natural Baits – Peeler Crab

Peeler Crab sea Fishing bait

Please see other sea fishing bait: Peeler Crab, Mackerel, Lugworms, Sandeels, RazorFish Using Peeler Crab as Sea Fishing Bait This is probably the most popular sea fishing bait used by the sea angler, and it is used up and down the coast as it attracts a variety of different species. It gets its name from the …