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Ice Fishing Information and tips

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing Ice fishing can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies there is on earth – and is certainly a great way to pass the time once winter strikes. But fishing in ice is more about the opportunities that winter provides. Ice fishing is a great opportunity to indulge in a hobby …

Bass Fishing Lures

Bass fishing lures

Bass Fishing Lures Fishing is an activity that always seems to yield great fun and joy. Whether you are a young and naive kid or a teenager or an adult, fishing is something that never gets old or outdated. However, having said that fishing is an activity that never seems to age, it is also …

Fishing for Bream – Bream Fishing Tips, Tackle and Baits

Bream Fishing

Fishing for Bream The bream is widespread throughout the UK’s river systems. Ireland’s lakes and waterways are particularly noted for the species, too, and are today a magnet for anglers who travel across the water searching for net-bursting hauls of fish. Bream thrive in the more sedentary, large lowland reaches of rivers, and the middle …