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Locating Tench – Where to find them – Tench Fishing

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Locating Tench Lilly Pads and Margin Reed are Ideal locations to find Tench. The Tench is a still water loving fish that will spend most of its time close to vegetation or patrolling gullies looking for their natural food like bloodworm, snails and daphnia. Generally Tench and Lily’s go together like a horse and cart, …

Fishing for Tench on Gravel Pits – Tench Fishing

Fishing for Tench

Fishing for Tench on Gravel Pits Tench fishing on gravel pits is quite different from the tactics of estate lakes. Tench from a gravel pit in spring are a very popular species, inhabiting many of our still-waters and slower flowing rivers. In recent years the average size of tench has exploded with the specimens turning heads …

Fishing for Tench – Tench Fishing Tackle, Baits and Tactics

Tench fishing - Fishing for tench

Fishing for Tench The Tench (Doctor fish) is a very stocky fish with a muscular body and large rounded paddle-like fins, Tench have a scaleless head with a distinctive orange teddy bear looking eye. The scales of a Tench will be small and have a very smooth feel to them due the protective film coating …