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Big Carp Fishing – What You Need to Know

If you’re going to go out fishing for the largest carp possible then having the right gear, experience and knowledge is the ideal situation. Big carp fishing is much different than catching 10 or 20lb carp and you need to know if you, along with your equipment, can stand up to the challenge. Ready to learn more about how to get started? Then read on.

When it comes to big carp fishing making sure you’ve got the right equipment is very important. If you’ve never fished for carp at all or any large fish for that matter you’re going to need to upgrade some of your equipment. You’ll need a larger, heavy-duty rod that can flex more and withstand great amounts of stress and pressure. You’ll also need to look into purchasing new line that can hold more weight since the average fishing line is guaranteed to break under the weight of a larger carp.

Big carp fishing usually means going after fish that are at least 50lbs or more. This can sometimes require a lot of work to even get the fish to the surface of the water and into your boat or on shore, not to mention the other factors involved. To even find a good area where there might be larger carp you will need to find an area that is relatively secluded, not overfished and has enough local smaller fish to maintain the carp population. This is much harder than it sounds and not everybody of water can offer this, so knowing a good place to do the fishing is critical and varies from place to place.

Something you should also avoid when trying to go big carp fishing is using over the top bait. You want to avoid bait that will stand out or look suspicious in any way, shape or form. There is a widely held belief that the bigger the carp the more suspicious they are to bait and they’ll go to any effort possible to protect themselves from being reeled in. This being said, don’t be easily frustrated when you’ve spent a long time waiting for the big carp to bite—they might be onto you.

It’s also important you consider your health as a fisherman. Many carp that put up a fight can worsen any minor or mild injuries you already have. For example, if you have back problems or heart problems you might want to refrain from trying to take down a 50-75lb carp all on your own. In any event, always make sure you talk to your doctor or physician to make sure you’re in good enough shape to take on fishing for larger fish of any variety.

If you’re serious about big carp fishing then make sure you can devote yourself to it and realize it is not for just any fisherman. It takes a lot of patience and careful tweaking of one’s fishing style to be successful in catching these larger carp. However with practice, patience and the right equipment you should be able to master this sport.

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